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MMG Clipboard: Sigarilyas 四角豆 うりずん4791 [Japanese]
フィリピンの野菜 "Sigarilyas"の紹介
Writing about Vegetable "Sigarilyas" in Philippines.

MMG Clipboard: バロットの瓶詰め4764 [Japanese]
Balut in CAN@SM Makati

MMG Clipboard: フィリピンでタコを食べる4768 [Japanese]
Octopus bought in SM Makti

All favorite recipe2765 [English]
Foods recipe about Philippine dishes mainly.

Be shock Eater! フィリピンから食通信962 [Japanese]
食にショッキングさを求める研究隊から発信する最新のグルメ情報を公開 [Excite]
Gourmet info from Philippines

Good food good cooking2123 [English]
Philippine cuisine recipe by "Nestle"

International recipes.net2805 [English]
Detabase for recipes from all over the countries, also Philippine food.

Kenny rogers roasters1369 [English]
Info. about chicken cuisine restaurant "Kenny rogers roasters" by

Lutongbahay.com2361 [English]
Philippine foods recipe

MMG Clipboard: Bubba Gump Shrimp Co1812 [Japanese]
エビ料理レストラン"Bubba Gump Shrimp Co"の喫煙所情報
Shrimp restaurant "Bubba Gump Shrimp Co" and smoking seat in it.

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